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Beautiful Original 19th Century Artwork to compliment your beautiful home:

Welcome to Bedford Fine Art Gallery. Located in historic Bedford, Pennsylvania, the gallery offers a wide variety of works from some of the greatest and most well-known 19th century artists, early 20th century artists, and contemporary realism artists. You can see all of our available 19th century artwork on our 19th Century Art Gallery page. Our current inventory boasts a wide diversity of subject matter from landscape paintings, marine paintingsstill life paintingsgenre paintingsAmerican historical/political artsporting art, and animal paintings. Our gallery features both American and European 19th century painters such as John Henry DolphGeorge HetzelWilliam Bromley III, and Barton Stone Hays, to name a few. To see more of our 19th century artists, please visit our Artists page. Good art is timeless and only you know what “wows” you. You know it when you see it and we hope you make that connection with a stunning painting from Bedford Fine Art Gallery. Thank you.



J. Clinton Shepherd (American, 1888 – 1975)
Hermann Gustave Simon (American 1846 – 1895)
Francis Hopkinson Smith (American 1838 - 1915)
John Wells Smith (British, fl. 1870 – 1875)
A.T. Smith
William Louis Sonntag (American 1822 – 1900)
Henry Fenton Spread (Irish – American, 1844 – 1890)
Penrhyn Stanlaws (Scottish-American 1877 - 1957)
Louis-Lionel Stern, (American, born 1901)
Durett Stokes (American, early 20th Century)
Anthony Thieme (1888 - 1954)
Louis Comfort Tiffany (American 1848 – 1933)
Virgilio Tojetti (Italian – American, 1849 – 1901)
Jean Baptiste Jules Trayer (French 1824 – 1909)
Robert M. Tudor (American 19th Century)
Edward Charles Volkert (American 1871 - 1935)
Alfred Bryan Wall (American, 1861 – 1935)
William Guy Wall (American, 1792 – 1864)
Harry Watrous (American 1857 - 1940)
Frederick Judd Waugh (1861 - 1940)
Carl Philipp Weber (American 1849 – 1922)
Edwin M.R. Weiner (American, 19th Century)
Robert Weir (American, 1803 – 1889)
Octavius White (Canadian School, 19th Century)
Edmund Aylburton Willis (British-American, 1808 – 1899)
Ferdinand Alexander Wust (Dutch-American, (1837 - 1876)
Frank H. Zuanich (American, 1890 – 1978)
Scott Zuckerman (American born 1951)
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