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Supercharge your business with Bento

Bento is helping small business owners to spend more time on growth, products, and employees rather than sorting out bills, expenses and unpaid invoices.

Bento for Business offers an easy to use, yet powerful spend and expense management solution designed for small and medium sized businesses. Our mission is to enable small and mid-size business owners to focus more on their business while saving time and money.

Bento is a platform built from the ground up for small businesses. It helps them better manage and control expenses, become more efficient and more easily raise capital, all through an incredibly simple, elegant solution that connects online software to the real world via feature-rich payment cards. We come from a mix of top tier Technology and Financial Services companies and all share a passion to build beautiful and impactful solutions for our customers.

Small businesses keep getting ‘hand-me-down’ financial service solutions from banks that weren’t built for small business.
Bento has beautiful and impactful expense management solutions designed for small and medium sized businesses. By freeing up the administrative and financial burden of running a business, our mission is to enable small business owners to focus more on their business, save money, and spend more time with their loved ones.


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Manage your spending and expenses all on one platform.

Bento lets you set budgets, enforce expense policies with smart corporate cards, and proactively manage how, when, and where your employees spend company funds.

Small businesses have unique requirements and need more than ‘hand-me-down’ financial service solutions that weren’t built for small business.

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