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Binary clues - Insurance CRM SErvice Provider

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BinaryClues is a leading vendor for India, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East B2B List Provider to top Blue chips companies of the world and provides the best of the US B2B Email List. You are looking to build a customized list of your industry and facing issues trying to figure out how can you build the list. Just don’t worry, let us know. Call (931)153 – 6852

Products & Services

We provide the best CRM for an insurance agency to run the reinstatement campaigns and renewal to drive the best rates. The insurance agent CRM helps target the right consumers for the insurance brokers that help identify the targeted consumers for reinstatement and renewal campaigns based on the external data and internal data. Smart rules and insurance CRM features will help to increase sales and track down your customer easily.

Intelligently you can prioritize the leads and assign them to agents based on the agent’s expertise and customer payment history. We can also ensure 100% quality leads and referrals with weighted allocations and with escalations.

You can even drive up the closure rates, track the cases to the closure, ensure the reinstatement, and monitor agent performance to ensure that the customer doesn’t slip from your radar. Moreover, the customers can even use the dashboards to encourage the teams and employees.

Binary clues – Insurance CRM SErvice Provider