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Bowery Farming

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From the unique way our produce is grown, to the extremely short distance it travels from our farms to you, every choice we make brings you vegetables at the height of freshness, flavor, and nutrition.


Our seeds

We source from partners who spend nearly a decade developing the ideal seed, rather than relying on GMOs.

Grown close to home

By planting our crops indoors in vertical rows, we can grow as close as possible to the communities we serve.

Ideal conditions

Our controlled indoor growing environment allows us to grow the purest vegetables possible year round, with absolutely no pesticides.

Optimal light

LED lights mimic the full spectrum of the sun.

Precision farming

By meticulously monitoring the growing process and capturing a tremendous amount of data along the way, we’re able to remove the age old reliance on “eyeballing.” We can give our crops exactly what they need and nothing more — from nutrients and water to light.

Water at work

We use purified water to deliver the same nutrients you would find in the highest quality soil. And by providing our plants with only the exact amount of water required, we’re able to use 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

A virtuous cycle

Our crop cycles are much faster and more frequent than traditional agriculture. The more we grow, the more data we collect, allowing us to optimize and automate key parts of the process.

A smarter harvest

Thanks to sophisticated analytics, we’re able to harvest each crop at the exact right time, ensuring flavor is at its prime.

Delicious by design

Once it’s picked, Bowery produce reaches stores and restaurants within a few days, unlike traditional produce which can take weeks

Products & Services

Bowery is growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture.

Our modern farming company combines the benefits of the best local farms with advances made possible by technology to grow produce you can feel good about eating. BoweryOS, our proprietary software system, uses vision systems, automation technology, and machine learning to monitor plants and all the variables that drive their growth 24/7.

Because we control the entire process from seed to store, Bowery farms use zero pesticides, 95% less water, and are 100+ times more productive on the same footprint of land than traditional agriculture.

Bowery produce is currently available at select Whole Foods and Foragers stores in the Tristate area, and featured on the menus of Tom Colicchio’s New York restaurants Craft and Temple Court. Based in New York City, the company has raised over $170 million from leading investors including GV, General Catalyst, GGV Capital, First Round Capital, Temasek and Almanac.




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