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At Cash Property Sale we specialise in purchasing property in any kind of conditions whether it be domestic or commercial sites. We have a huge understanding in the buying and selling of traditional techniques, however sometimes these methods might not be able to be obtained so easily or are simply slow-moving relying on your conditions, so we can quickly give different solutions.


As we are not estate agents you will be dealing directly with the buyers or associated parties instructed by us, and therefore there are no estate representatives fees! We also cover your legal prices as well as arrangements to make the procedure of liquidating your possessions as quickly as possible. We can supply tailor-made solutions for all individual cases.


We pay cash for your property – Yes, you may get a lower price than if you offered in the traditional means, but there are several other benefits we offer, such as no fees, a quick sale and also a cash sale.


We have no surprise fees or prices – We’ll treat you relatively throughout the sale and also never ever lower our formal offer price at the last minute. Unfortunately, some underhanded companies still use this practise frequently.


Have the money in your bank in just 7 days – We’re cash purchasers which indicates that you can often have actually the cash moved to your bank within 7 days, private, hassle-free, without any chains to stress over.


Experienced, 100% Confidential team – We have several years experience as property purchasers, so if circumstances lead you to market your property quickly, we guarantee you receive the best help as well as support.

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Cash Property Sale