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Clara Labs is the company behind Clara, a scheduling service that coordinates when, where, and how candidates meet with recruiters and interviewers. Clara delivers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy by combining the precision of machine intelligence and the judgement of an expert team. This human-in-the-loop approach ensures scheduling communication is always clear, swift, and professional.

Staffing agencies and internal recruiting teams are using Clara to manage all their scheduling—from booking phone screens, to introducing candidates to hiring managers, to setting up back-to-back sequences of on-site interviews.

Clara gets scheduling requests from your emails, automatically engages candidates and interviewers to get their availability, and quickly books the interview. Clara also handles interview reminders, ensures candidates have dial-in details, and reschedules if someone requests a change.

The efficiency that Clara provides for recruiting teams makes it possible for them to focus their time on finding the right people, connecting with more candidates, and providing an outstanding candidate experience. You and your candidates can talk to Clara naturally—Clara will do the same.

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576 Sacramento Street, 94111 United States