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What we do

Targeting Family Offices, Foundations, Pension Funds and Sovereign Funds and their well-documented desire to break from failed policies of past generations that contributed to so many growing social challenges, Connective EARTH offers sophisticated investors the power to put their values at the center of their investment mandate.

Why now?

Driven by current headlines, impact investors display a heightened desire to address social issues yet remain frustrated by the number and quality of deal flow and the fragmentation of actionable information in a secure environment. Connective EARTH delivers a fully developed, robust, and secure solution bringing real change and better outcomes to a world in dire need.

Connective EARTH

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Join us to effect change

Peer-owned & managed groups would create, interact, curate & direct their ecosystems via Connective EARTH, replacing the fragmentation of tools frustrating users today. Connective EARTH drives “Bankable Change” through an innovative business development engine and access to exclusive, purposeful capital.

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