Critter Pricker

Critter Pricker

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Joseph Balistreri is a wildlife removal specialist with enormous experience of more than 15 years in this industry. In the year 2010, he decided to commence a career in the pest control industry where he used to provide feasible solutions to the customer’s wildlife conflicts. Being a wildlife lover, he always provides the efficient and effective solutions to remove the wildlife from homes and business without harming them. After years of rigorous research and study, he developed a product named critter pricker, best raccoon deterrent devices are tested and proven to be extremely effective.

We are an organization who is deeply engaged in providing the best animal control solutions without compromising the results. We care deeply about wildlife and environment and do everything we can to protect our customer’s properties and we are proud to say that we are successfully doing it!

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Problems with Raccoon? Critter Pricker is here to help you out, having 15 Years of experience in offering this device which act as Raccoon deterrent and removal in Florida & California.

Visit our website today to prevent wildlife from entering vulnerable and unwanted locations in your homes:

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