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Cross-Up Chiropractic – Acupuncture is the ultimate destination for health and wellness. Our advanced facility offers comprehensive services to those who are suffering from pain – providing consultations with a chiropractor and an acupuncturist for holistic treatment in Libertyville.
Cross-Up Chiropractic provide acupuncture and physical therapy, treatment after a car accident and of sports related injuries, also we have a notritionost who can help you better understand what your current diet is providing and how to fill in the gaps with appropriate nutrition.
We work closely with each patient to create an individualized plan that is best suited for their body’s needs.
An integrated approach of nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and proper physcs are all taught through Cross-Up Chiropractic as well – allowing patients to take control over their own health and happiness. Our chiropractic doctors promises to offer cutting-edge solutions to reduce pain and increase patients performance and recovery in the most effective way possible.

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Cross-Up Chiropractic – Acupuncture