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Design Within Reach exists to make authentic modern design accessible. Authentic means that it’s the real thing. We don’t do “inspired by” or “just as good as” or “in the spirit of.” When we were founded in 1998, consumers simply weren’t able to buy the classics at retail. To find them, they had to visit Europe or work with intermediaries. We changed that by making innovative works from iconic designers accessible for the first time, and we’ve continued to provide the best in modern design ever since. Accessible means that it can be seen and touched (taken for a “test drive,” as we like to say) and that it’s in stock. At DWR, we’re passionate about design – past, present and future.

We stand for authentic modern design. DWR makes authentic modern design accessible. When we were founded in 1998, people weren’t able to buy classics without visiting Europe or enlisting intermediaries. DWR changed that by providing access to iconic designs for the first time, and we’ve continued to bring you the best in authentic modern design ever since.

Authenticity is something we’re proud to offer; elitism isn’t. Visit our Studios, and you’ll never see a “Do Not Touch” sign. We invite you to linger with your kids or dogs and join us for events. Continue the experience on this site, where you’ll find everything we carry, plus additional styles not shown elsewhere. And of course, you can always call us in Connecticut. Our account executives are ready to provide complimentary design services, including expert consultations, in-home visits and 3-D room renderings.

We make every effort to deliver goods constructed of premium materials built by highly skilled craftspeople to very exacting standards, and we stand behind the quality of everything we sell.

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