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Dexcore Restoration & Water Damage Cleanup

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Dexcore Restoration is the company you want to call when you need a cleanup. We specialize in water damage restoration and repair, flood damage restoration and repair, fire damage restoration and repair, biohazard cleanups, fentanyl cleanups, smoke damage repairs, mold remediations and cleanups, and more for all of San Diego County. We offer competitive rates and free estimates to make it easy for you to make the right decision and work with Dexcore Restoration.

We know that when disaster strikes, you need help now. Our team of specialists is here 24/7 to help with any type of emergency situation. Whether you need water damage repair or mold remediation, we are ready to step in and get the job done right away!
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Products & Services

Water Damage Restoration,
Water Damage Repair,
Flood Damage Restoration,
Flood Damage Repair,
Fire Damage Restoration,
Fire Damage Repair,
Biohazard Cleanup,
Fentanyl Cleanup,
Smoke Damage Repair,
Flood Damage,
Mold Remediation,
Mold Cleanup


Dexcore Restoration & Water Damage Cleanup