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Our firm provides business experts whom understand how technology affects the M&A life cycle.  Drawing from our experience of over 400 transactions, across all industry verticals with deal value from 10M to 5B. Our consultants understand how to help you achieve your investment thesis from pre-loi to investment exit . We focus on 3 key areas of people, process, and technology, through the following 3 lenses to focus the technology aspect to achieve your investment thesis.

  • Cost –  Ensuring that all cost factors are considered when evaluating a transaction is crucial to successfully achieving the investment thesis.  In a modern transaction, technology can be the core driver for business success in competitive markets.  The experience from our team can ensure that you have the best possible information in regards to the IT cost factors both pre-LOI and post-close.


  • Risk – Unknown factors lurking in the background pose significant risk to the transaction, IT is typically one of those.  Our team of experienced M&A professionals can bring these issues to the surface so critical questions in regards to technology related issues can be made to facilitate a successful deal.


  • Scalability – Scalability of the existing technology to meet your investment thesis is crucial, given the current needs of business and the needs of your investment thesis may not align.  Our team of M&A professionals can assist in understanding the incremental spend so that your team will have a foundational understanding of the related IT costs to scale your operations both efficiently and effectively while meeting your investment thesis.

Products & Services

From Diligence to Execution, Diligence IT has the experience of more than 400 transactions globally. Historically, our primary clients have been private equity firms that demand aggressive business growth.

We assist in the development of key areas that drive strategic business growth and align technology to support those drivers. In addition, our rapidly growing corporate practice has helped us provide similar services that we have provided to private equity portfolio companies.

Whether it is budgeting, strategic planning, tech-enabled business strategy, corporate acquisitions, diligence, divestiture carve out, assisting in an exit strategy, cybersecurity, business intelligence, cloud, or simply finding vendors that will perform. We provide a direction for our business partners to accelerate growth.

Diligence IT is an active member of the ACG – Association for Corporate Growth and the AMAA – Alliance of Mergers and Acquisition Advisors.

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