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Divena Cake Tools & Molds is a Cake material shop in Kalyan, Maharashtra. We are the suppliers of all types of all chocolate packing, baking tools, and cake molds like cake baking trays, cake decorating items, chocolate molds, silicone cake molds, cake packaging for cake cans, cake stands, fondant cutters, cupcakes, and birthday cake tray of various shapes, sizes, and designs. Also, If you are looking for professional suppliers of high-quality sugarcraft items like edible sparkling Colour Drips kits, edible powders, and small balls, decorating edible coins, and edible confetti of different shapes and sizes. You can buy cake baking tools and equipment online on our website https://www.divena.in/ or also visit our store in Kalyan. For any Queries, feel free to call us @ +91-9321212233.

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