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Dr Burgener Switzerland is a leading expert in Swiss Spas and beauty rejuvenation. Our experts combine the latest technologies in anti-aging with exclusive natural ingredients. A real experience whether your skin needs energy, resurfacing or spot treatment. The exquisite variety and breakthrough formulas restore and renew your skin.

Pauline Burgener wrote.
As a Doctor in Biology, I always seek to pick the best ingredients from nature and to combine them with the latest technologies in anti-aging, to create the best personalized skincare products. Dr Burgener Switzerland stems from a family business created in 1955 by Dr Marc Burgener, my father-in-law, with his aesthetic surgery clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland. From anti-aging, lifting, purifying or restructuring facials, to slimming treatments, passing by hydrating or antioxidant body scrubs and wraps, your trained and accredited therapists will be able to advise and choose the treatments that fit your needs following a detailed skin diagnostic, and depending on your skin condition.

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Our goal and mission is to protect the earth and its resources so that it welcomes us as long as possible. Long ago we took a decision here at Dr Burgener, that we would not use unnecessary packaging and completely avoid using resources that are wasteful and harmful to our environment.
This philosophy of life leads us to support and create projects that promote quality over quantity, traceability and fair trade globalization.
We are personally committed to deliver the freshness of nature, explored by hands very respectful of the environment.
During the evolution of our repackaging, we made a decision to replace our paper cardboard packaging, with micro fiber multi use bags. In order to help reduce the number of trees harmed globally, we also print our collaterals on 100% recycled sugar cane paper.

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Dr Burgener Switzerland

Rue du Midi 12, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland, 1003 Switzerland

Dr Burgener Switzerland