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About DR Elite Baseball Camp

Baseball is truly an international sport, played across the globe. DR Elite Baseball Camp provides high school and college players from the United States the opportunity to play and learn from professional coaches and players in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is the ideal travel destination for any baseball player that is serious about improving their skills and craft. The passion for baseball in the Dominican Republic is unmatched and impossible to avoid.

In addition to live games DR Elite Baseball Camp will provide players with professional instruction sessions for hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning and catching. With a low player-coach ratio, each hitter and pitcher gets individual attention in a small-group atmosphere.  And with numerous sessions, instruction is specially tailored for each ability level. Overall, it’s the type of intense, professional instruction that young players don’t normally have access to.

In our hitting program, hitters rotate through a series of supervised stations, including batting cages, each designed to teach a different component of hitting. Players enjoy participating in hitting games and competition drills. The program is designed to improve on an aggressive approach at the plate, proper grip, stance/set up, routine, balance, stride/load, timing, swing path, contact points, extension and finish. Young hitters build an invaluable foundation and a thorough understanding of the swing, while experienced players cover more advanced topics such as how to obtain bat speed, hitting to all fields, launch angle, pitch recognition, off-speed pitches, situational hitting, bunting and mental side of hitting.

Our pitching program is designed to emphasize proper pitching mechanics and a solid throwing program to better each individual skill set. Players will go thru a series of drills breaking down their mechanics (windup/stretch), PFP (pitchers fielding practice), proper throwing progression, core /shoulder work, pick-offs, location catch, breaking ball and mental approach.

Our fielding and baserunning program will improve the skills of infielders and outfielders of any age. Fielding drills and instruction cover areas such as stance, positioning, footwork, anticipation and reaction, ground balls and fly balls, backhands, double plays, bunt coverage, cutoff-relays, rundowns, bag coverage, communication, and game situations and more. Baserunning instruction includes improving quickness and speed with proper running technique, getting out of the box, leadoffs, stealing, reading the pitcher, rounding bases, sliding, and game situations.

Our catcher’s program covers all aspects of being behind the plate. Players will get instruction on stance, signs, receiving, framing, blocking, throwing, fielding bunts, tags and the mental aspects of dealing with pitchers.

DR Elite Baseball Camp staff is ready to work with you and provide the best possible baseball camp experience while you train and strive to be a better baseball player.

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