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Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co.,Ltd. is a professional Third Party Inspection company, offering China Inspection Services, Factory Audit and Container Loading Supervision.

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China has been the ‘world factory’ for years. Buying quality products from qualified suppliers is crucial to an import business. But due to the asymmetric information between suppliers and worldwide buyers, it is always vital to use thrid party inspection services to understand the real situation of suppliers background and goods quality.

In a production circle, below are the regular inspection services involved.
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Factory Audit :
Ensure the potential supplier/ factory is reliable and suitable.

Pre-Production Inspection :
Ensure your requirements are understood/ met before production beginning.

First Article inspection :
Ensure production starts correctly, it right happens at factory for the first run of production.

During production inspection :
Ensure all processes and products are being made to the agreed standards and timeframes. Timing: 10-50% of completed production.

Pre-shipment Inspection :
Ensure the products are manufactured per requirements and packed ready to ship. Timing: 100% production finished and above 80% of each item packed.

Container Loading Inspection :
Ensure the container is qualified, and all goods are well loaded and sealed in container.

Defects Sorting Service:
Ensure there are no defects among products, it is suitable for higher value of goods or after several failed inspection.

Production Monitoring:
Monitor factory production to ensure factory produces per requirements and implement right quality control.

Amazon Fba Inspection:
Besides regular points checked in pre-shipment inspection, Amazon FBA requirements will be verified.

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Eagle Eyes China Inspection Services