End Of Petroleum

End Of Petroleum

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Hydrino energy represents a new beginning in clean energy. It is a clean explosive energy source.

I head up End Of Petroleum. Our team has scientists, finance people and environmentalists. We help Family Offices and venture investors prepare for a new source of energy that is coming to market in the next ~12-24months.We see significant opportunities in this new industry. No energy VC (e.g. ArcTurn Ventures) is tracking or investing in this space. We are. We need appropriate partners (LPs) for custom deals. We are also interested in deployment of energy reactors outside N.A.

If we had to put this story on one page here it is: bit.ly/eop-onepage
We’ve been on media: bit.ly/eop-americas-tv and radio: bit.ly/eop-radio-interview

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We have boutique deals that nobody else in the world does. Hydrino energy as it scales out over the next 5 years represent a technology that can displace solar and wind as clean energy sources. But it can also fly planes, and help do construction and mining. It is an enormously potent new energy source.

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End Of Petroleum