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Evergy is the energy company formed by the merger of KCP&L and Westar. KCP&L and Westar have served customers in Kansas and Missouri for more than 100 years. We united so we can provide the best possible energy service to our customers and communities.

We bring an essential service with an innovative approach to approximately 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri. It’s a responsibility that energizes our culture.

Our highest purpose is to improve life in the communities we serve. We’re not just delivering electricity; we’re delivering a way of life. People count on Evergy to power their homes and businesses. It’s a responsibility that our employees take very seriously.

At Evergy, we’re committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable sources of energy today, and well into the future. So, we’re embracing alternative energy sources to generate more power with less impact to our environment, and adopting new technologies. Whether it’s new ways to connect with us, electric vehicle charging stations, or the next innovation around the corner, we’re dedicated to making energy work hard for our customers.

We achieve that goal through operational excellence, innovation and a diverse, engaged workforce.

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