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Eversparks is an online counseling platform that connects patients to therapists through shared cultural background, serving patients in the USA, Singapore, and UAE and elsewhere. We bring together passionate and empathetic psychotherapists, the mental health professionals, into a single space who provide the clients’ an open, supportive, and judgment-free environment. Our counselors are well-qualified who come from different backgrounds and have expertise in a wide range of areas, allowing you to choose an expert who best suits your requirements.

Why are we here?
We are here to bring a positive change to our clients’ mental well-being. Eversparks provides online therapy sessions to patients around the globe, in the USA, Singapore, and UAE and many other locations with sessions that are confidential, convenient, and of high advantage. Clients talk to a counsellor online anytime as per their convenience, from a place that is comfortable to them, and at a price that is easily affordable for a long-term care plan. We always ensure full confidentiality and data security. The online therapy chat option that we also provide is as confidential as online sessions are. We believe in remaining highly transparent with our cost plans without any hidden charges to make decision making easier for our clients.

Our word:
We are driven to deliver exceptional care to our patients. We welcome our patients feedback happily whether positive or negative. Therefore, we are always eager to know that how they have found the online therapy sessions, whether these sessions were right for them, and if they found this platform easy to use and valuable for them. Our vision is as simple as approaching us and that is to help the clients attain their potential.

Benefits of Choosing Us
– Connect with a therapist who shares your culture, someone who understands your unique upbringing
– Judgmental-free environment
– A safe space to express your feelings and thoughts
– Support from highly experienced professionals
– Expert advice at anytime
– Freedom of choice and high-level confidentiality

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