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evian natural spring water is a product of nature. We never add things for taste or enhance with extras.

evian water starts as rain and snow in the peaks of the French Alps which is then deposited on our watershed, a unique geological landscape surrounded by mountains and glaciers. evian water travels on a 15 year journey to the source through layers of glacial rocks which naturally protect the water from outside pollution and enrich it with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals, which provide the distinctive, crisp taste.

evian water emerges at the Source Cachat in small French town of Evian-les-Bains. Watch our video ‘This is Evian’ by Vice to take a tour of the beautiful place and people behind our water.

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The discovery of evian natural spring water dates back to 1789, when a local nobleman, The Marquis de Lessert, was out for a walk and drank from a local spring on the land owned by Monsieur Cachat. The Marquis loved the ‘light and easily drinkable’ taste and decided to drink the water regularly.

Word spread so Monsieur Cachat fenced off his spring and began selling bottles of this special water to the local community.

In 1806, the first thermal spa opened, followed in 1826 by the first bottling facility. With thermal spas very much in vogue, the town became a fashionable destination drawing in visitors from all around France and beyond, resulting in a decree in 1865 authorizing the town to be renamed Evian-les-Bains.

Ever since, evian natural spring water has become an icon of health and grown in popularity. Today we are the #1 premium spring water worldwide* and sold in 143 different countries!

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