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We have developed a 1st of its kind cloud-based digital banking experience that empowers banking consumers to “vote” for a mission they care about when they open a high-yield, FDIC-insured bank account via our platform: mission-aligned banking!

Missions our customers can support span environment preservation, sustainability, community, and the economic development of Space. “Support” means that a portion of our customer deposits will be deployed in the mission they care about. It also means a portion of our profits will be also deployed via grants, that our customers vote on, to support their mission. The end result is a whole “lifecycle” experience of for consumers to see their deposits do good, via measurable impact and transparency, in support of the missions they care about.

Last, but not least, Finsophy’s solution also helps our partner banks differentiate as a transparent and trustworthy banking option and to grow their core deposits base.

Products & Services

Our solutions
– Mission-aligned, FDIC-insured deposit and savings accounts for banking customers
– Transparent and mission-aligned deposit aggregation for bank partners
– Marketplace for mission-aligned loan, CRA, and grant opportunities for businesses and non-profits

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