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Founder Shield was created with one goal: to take the stress out of buying insurance for innovative venture-backed startup companies. We’re on a mission to take a broken and confusing experience and create the most seamless and informative insurance purchasing process available.

Here’s how:

One-Stop-Shop: We offer the full suite of insurance products necessary to protect founders, investors, and companies in 3 convenient (and fully customizable) packages

Tech-Enabled: We leverage technology to make the application process intuitive and understandable

Fast Response Time: We automate clerical tasks that plague the traditional insurance brokerage, giving us more time to be responsive and alert to clients’ needs regardless of the size of the company

Insurance Packages Made for You: We take a hands-on approach with our underwriter relationships, training them to understand the startup community’s culture and organizational approach.

Ready to Scale: our suite of tools and startup experience gives us the unique ability to set you up for the present and create a clear game plan for the future

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