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We help business owners access the capital they need to launch, grow, or sustain their business. Many of our programs offer flexible guidelines to overcome common obstacles such as credit score, credit history, and time in business, financials, and industry type. Our streamlined funding process makes getting a business loan, business line of credit, stated income commercial real estate loan, a smooth and stress free experience. Whether you’re a small business owner, looking for equipment financing, or real estate investor I encourage you to contact us directly at 773-849-2356

Get approval & funding in a matter of days and not months – No application fees – 90% Approvals

• Unsecured Small Business Line of Credit
• Secured Small Business Line of Credit
• Revenue-Based Line of Credit
• Small Business Credit Cards
• Equipment Funding/Financing/Leasing
• Hard Money Loans w/ Commercial Real Estate
• SBA Loans
• Short/Long Term Loans
• Business Cash Advances
• Commercial Funding
• Start up Funding
• Invoice/PO Factoring
• Credit Repair Services

• Working Capital
• Debt Consolidations (loans, merchant cash advances, etc.)
• Payroll
• Operating Expenses
• Inventory
• Equipment Financing
• Commercial Real Estate (Purchase, Fix & Flip, Rehab, Renovations)
• Business Acquisitions
• Business Expansion

★ What I Do:

Regardless of what stage of business you’re in or the industry you work for, I know how difficult it can be to secure the financing customized for your business’s specific needs. Some of my specialties include:

✔ Helping Business Owners Secure Business Loans Even If They’re Just Getting Started Or Have Been Declined Before
✔ Building Business Credit And Financing Efficiency With Alternate Business Financing Options
✔ Giving Businesses Access To Low Interest Credit Lines Customized For Their Growth
✔ Connecting Physicians With Investors For Medical Funding & Factoring

★ Who I Work With:

Business Owners, Physicians and aspiring Entrepreneurs across all industries who need cash to overcome financial hurdles so they can launch, grow, sustain or scale their businesses. Whether you’re just getting started, have been denied funding multiple times or have bad credit, there’s a good chance we can help move your business forward.

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Fresh Lending Group