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FutureVideo is the leading designer, engineer, and manufacturer of control products for video and audio solutions. Our team has created affordable, innovative hardware and software products for various analog and digital media control applications in several industries. Since its founding in 1986, FutureVideo has been granted various patents, awards for excellence, and “industry firsts”. Reach us at (+1) 949-363-1286 and allow us to learn more about your video and audio applications or other needs you may have.

We create innovative hardware and software for video and audio solutions. Visit our website to learn more about V-Station® HD Studio4 DVR Systems, Studio Companion & PostTools Software, V-Station HD Producer4 Series and our latest blog update.

Products & Services

Solutions for Multi-channel Video Recording & Multi-channel Streaming for all Multi-Camera Projects.

The capabilities built into V-Station had never been combined into a single appliance (using a 2U rack mount enclosure). It is an integrated multi-channel video recording and multi-channel streaming system with built-in project management. Inputs can be cameras, video feeds from other equipment (e.g., PC or medical recorder). The user interface is configured on a project-basis using diverse user profiles they create. Multiple workflows are supported to make efficient and fast outcomes. Whether the video project’s footage will become edited content or reviewed and annotated for analytical purposes—or something in between—V-Station satisfies a range of applications across business, government, and academia.

V-Station provides synchronous recording from up to 8 high definition video sources, synchronous playback, switching between camera angles, transitions between cameras/image stores, automatic Edit Decision (EDL) creation, automatic line-cut recording, easy project transfer to leading Non-linear Editing Systems (NLEs), a range of streaming capabilities to 3rd party CDN’s or YouTube Live and Facebook Live, and project upload to FTP sites. Because of its many capabilities and possible applications, V-Station is sometimes thought of as the “Swiss Army Knife” for video projects.

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