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Founded in 1998, Goldwind is on the way to become a global leader of clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection solutions. It has been honored on several occasions as one of the “Climate Leader Plants”, “Most Honored Company in Asia”, “Best Investor Relations Company”, and has been named as the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World”, “Carbon Clean 200 List”, “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises”, “New Fortune Best Listed Companies”, and “Fortune China 500”.

Operating in 27 countries on 6 continents, Goldwind now has over 35,000 turbines installation and 60+GW of installed capacity globally. The company has close to 9,000 employees around the world, including around 3,000 R&D engineers and technicians. Goldwind has been listed on the Shenzhen and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges.

Goldwind now focuses on 3 main business areas: wind power, internet of energy and environment protection solutions. We have 7 R&D centers globally, and has established R&D network with world-renowned universities. Together with the global industrial revolution, Goldwind is accelerating its digitalization process.

Goldwind is committed to supporting global energy transition and developing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. Today, Goldwind is helping the human society to save 37.42 million tons of standard coal, reduce 122.83 million tons of CO2 emissions and achieve 67.12 million cubic meters of reforestation. During the past 22 years, Goldwind has been staying true to its mission and has always been willing to “innovating for a brighter tomorrow”.

Products & Services

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd manufactures and markets wind turbines and other wind power solutions. It has the experience and capability to construct wind farms, and offers support and service through the lifecycle of products and projects. This includes research and development, manufacturing, sales, and aftermarket service and maintenance to help products last several years. In addition, the company offers wind-power-related consultancy, and its completed winds farms in operation are managed by specialized and experienced service personnel. The company has three primary business segments: Wind, turbine, and generator manufacturing; Wind power services; and Wind farm investment and Development. The majority of the company’s customers are in China.

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