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With more than 137,000 associates in 32 countries , we are the biggest bakery in the world!

At Grupo Bimbo we are committed to work in a sustainable way for a better world and to generate economic development in 4 continents. We strive to improve the lifestyle of the communities where we have presence and to become good neighbors. We are investing in technology and innovation to reduce our environmental footprint.

*We value the person and foster a diversity and inclusion culture.
*We operate in a responsible, efficient, productive and humane way, taking care of our environment.
*We offer options for everyone and we promote healthy lifestyles.

Products & Services

At Grupo Bimbo, we are building a world with options for all, by offering products with superior quality that nourish and delight our consumers. We promote health and wellness initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles.

We have a firm commitment to continuing to promote actions that promote the well-being of our consumers and associates with the adoption of correct eating habits, and also encouraging the frequent practice of physical activity, while always being attached to the recommendations of international organizations.

On our website dedicated to Nutrition you will find transparent information about the benefits of our products with options for all, as well as an up-to-date, reliable, and scientific guidelines about health and wellness, articles to acquier healthy lifestyles, personalized eating plans, online nutritionists, and recipes for the whole family.

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