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Hansem is a leading provider in translation services that offers customized solutions in the U.S. We are recognized as one of the top 50 global language service providers and strives to support the advancement of domestic and foreign companies in the global market. Whether you are looking for language translations, multilingual manual development, or marketing communication services, our team is here to help you achieve your needs. Find out how we can help you gain greater success and reach a wider customer base at Hansem today! Call us at (888) 295-4079 to learn more.

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Products & Services

Hansem is the compelling choice in Asian language providers with its 30+ years of demonstrated consistency in language quality, service agility, and adoption of new tech to fully gear into your production profile.

Ranked No.1 LSP in Korea
Core Languages: Korean, Chinese (Trad & Sim), Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, full list of minor Asian languages
Full Portfolio: Translation (Technical, Transcreation); Localization (S/W, Website, Multimedia, etc.); Machine Translation Post-Editing; Content Dev; Glossary/TM/Term Mgmt; Subtitling & Captioning; Voiceover & Dubbing; DTP
Impressive In-House Capabilities: 150+ FTEs (linguists, PMs, multilingual DTP specialists, graphics designers, engineers); Multiple time-zone coverage (Korea, USA, China, Vietnam)
Data Security & Confidentiality: Rest assured, your sensitive data is secure with our ISO 27001 Data & Information Security certification
Partnership: Tell us about the scope of work, subject matter, budget, and other parameters so we can provide a more detailed quotation.

We have steadily moved up the top 100 LSP list released by such prestigious firms as Common Sense Advisory and Slator for many consecutive years and most recently broke into the list of 30-fastest growing LSPs in the world (Nimdzi).

Hansem – first LSP based in Korea to receive ISO 17100 certification for international translation service standards (2014) – set another first for Korea in 2020 when obtaining the newly added ISO 18587 Post-editing of Machine Translation Output. Hansem is the only Asian-based LSP certified in these two items in addition to Information Security Management (ISO 27001) and Quality Management (ISO 9001). Hansem’s systematic process, resource, and quality management systems are replicated to our ancillary production centers at Hansem USA, Hansem Vietnam, and Hansem China to ensure a uniform experience across our entire platform.

With 150+ FT in-house professionals and specialists along with an extensive pool of vetted linguists with subject matter expertise in drilled-down disciplines, you are ensured exceptional quality in all your deliveries.

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