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Havaianas embodies Brazil’s fun, vibrant & spontaneous way of life. Add instant joy to your feet with the highest quality rubber & hundreds of styles.

Born in 1962 in Brazil, Havaianas embodies the energy and passion of one of the most exciting countries in the world, keeping feet happy for 50 years with hundreds of colorful, fun designs and the highest quality rubber. Havaianas belongs to Alpargatas, one of the world’s biggest shoes companies. The brand and its products are present in more than 80 countries. Since its launching, more than 3,5 billion pairs of Havaianas have been produced.

Products & Services

The company has leveraged Brazil’s positive identity to build a successful brand. As a result, advertisements for Havaianas and the shoes themselves are colorful and simple. Entire shops devoted to the brand exist internationally and the shoes are sold in over 80 countries, including those who experience varying climates. Brand extension has been utilized as an effective way to mitigate this seasonality. The brand has extended to include towels, sunglasses, and espadrilles. In most recent years, several ranges have been launched, such as a flat range, a sunglasses range, and a clothing collection. The usage of these techniques has reached people from all classes and from different areas across the globe. Millions of people wear Havaianas, whether it be in the form of flip-flops, apparel, or accessories.

Currently there are more than 400 models and colors of sandals. In some countries, Havaianas also offers other lines of shoes; including sneakers, espadrilles and rainboots. Among the accessories there are also towels, socks, key rings and magnets.
In order to know the complete collection, visit http://www.havaianas.com.

Havaianas & Sustainability

Havaianas IPÊ helps Brazilian forest and flora
Seven per cent of the revenue from Havaianas IPÊ sales will be donated to IPÊ (Environmental Research Institute) that develops projects to help preserve Atlantic Rainforest, Amazonia and Pantanal.

Havaianas Conservation International helps preserve the Brazilian ocean and fauna
Seven per cent of the revenue from Havaianas Conservation International sales will be donated to Conservation International a organization that develops scientific researches to preserve Abrolhos’ sea. Watch to discover more.

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