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HCM Software with Payroll Management System

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CentraHub HCM is one of the top HR management software provided by CentraHub, a wholly owned subsidiary of Focus Softnet Middle East, the top erp software provider in MENA region (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Kenya, Bahrain & Qatar).

CentraHub HCM is a highly efficient and adaptable human resource management software that not only automates HR activities but also allows you to keep track of them effectively.

CentraHub HCM is automated hr and payroll management system with time tracker that eliminates manual processes and promotes efficiency and growth, which is essential in today’s world of rapid technological advancements. With CentraHub HCM, you can integrate with third party applications to get better output

You can onboard the new recruits with user-defined processes and can also record detailed information of the employees and manage it with efficiency. Use the HR management software to define rules for multi-level approval process based on hierarchies, companies and locations while also receive document expiry alerts through the integrated ESS portal. You can use user-defined processes to onboard new hires, as well as keep track of detailed personnel information and manage it effectively. Use HR management software to create rules for a multi-level approval procedure based on tiers, organizations, and locations, as well as get document expiry alerts via the ESS portal.


HCM Software with Payroll Management System