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HKDRP 香港債務重組及債務舒緩中心

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債務舒緩可以節省大部份利息支出,減低每月供款壓力,手續簡單,避免驚動僱主及影響工作,保密安全,過千成功案例,全程由專業人士跟進。 為你分析財務狀況, 各種方案配合不同需要。

Debt relief can save most of the interest expenses, reduce the pressure of monthly contributions, simple procedures, avoid disturbing employers and affecting work, confidentiality and safety, more than a thousand successful cases, the whole process is followed by professionals. Analyze your financial situation, and various plans meet different needs.

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HKDRP 香港債務重組及債務舒緩中心