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ICFM – Institute of Career In Financial Market is a market leader in the segment of Financial Market Education. It is a unit of Career Pro Ventures Limited, a diversified education corporate. At ICFM, We deliver the cutting edge training to people willing to make career in financial markets. Our programs are not ordinary “Run of the Mill” programs. Our programs bring extensive focus on “Next Generation Technologies” which give you edge in ever competitive employment opportunities.

Are you interested in Trading & Investing in Share Market? ICFM India is a versatile platform to work constructively to spread awareness of national finances and to gain knowledge about the stock market and investments. We have a wide range of financial services side by side to form a reliable source to solve all financial problems through expertise and efficient workforce.

Unequaled value proposition we have steadily appreciated throughout India. Our Informative extensive course covers every bit financial Knowledge you need to get. These courses consist of solutions for a wide range of financial questions. We offer professional training in all state-of-the-art facilities around the world, as well as a variety of home study materials.

Products & Services

Our Courses:

  • Certified Pro Trader (CPT): Certified Pro Trader is a program which grooms you into a Professional Trader. This program is designed particularly for people who want to take Professional Stock Trading as a career.

    Professional Trading has totally changed. Nowadays, it is about ALGO & High Frequency Trading. This program is much more and beyond the ordinary skills that most institutes teach you.

    ICFM trains you in an High end Technology Environment where you get Hands On experience on Advance Trading + Trading Strategies. You learn trading strategies used by Pro Traders and apply those strategies during 3 month internship period.

  • Trading In International Market (CTIM):ICFM delivers comprehensive training in “Trading In International Markets“. By virtue of tie up with overseas brokers, ICFM gives you training in Trading in US Markets : NYSE; NASDAQ, European Markets : LSE UK & XETRA Germany.

    Trading in US Markets & European Markets has its advantages You get to trade in worlds most reputed stocks . You also get a big advantage of exchange rate as you know 1 USD = Rs. 65 ( Approx) & 1 Euro = Rs. 70.

    After completing the course, you can explore career with Professional Trading Desks which are into trading in US & European Markets.

  • Certified Algo Trader(CAT):As we all know that markets are highly volatile. During the day there are moments where you have excellent opportunities to grab the favorable trades but it has to be with very high speed and precision.

    There are so many traders out there running to catch the same trades.

    And, you also need to execute 2 trades or more at one point in time if you do covered/hedge trades.

    For example, you are executing “Butter Fly” strategy, you need to execute 4 options trade simultaneously.

    So you have a situation, wherein, at one side the prices are running away and you have to catch them, and on the other side, you need to execute 2 or more trades because that is required as per your strategy. Manually, it is not possible for you to do it. Certified Algo Trader

  • Certified Technical Analyst:The Idea behind Technical Analysis is to know the psychology of the market by looking at the price charts. Technical analysis is a broader subject which require practice as there can be confusing patterns in the market which although make you believe that you have spotted the right pattern but when you actually take the trade the market proves you wrong.

    This unique program which is exclusively offered by ICFM is designed to make you market ready. The USP of the program is that candidates can actually apply what they have learned in Technical analysis. Certified Technical Analyst

    The structure of the program Is such that candidates initially acquire the knowledge on Technical Analysis Concepts and then get to apply those concepts on the live market during the complete market hours.

    Under this program, We prepare candidates for Certificate in Technical Analysis Program and afterwards the candidates are required to undergo live market training where the duration of the class extend to 6 hours that is during the complete market hours, this gives the candidates the confidence to trade in the live market on the basis of concepts which he/she have acquired during the classroom program in Certificate in Technical Analysis Program.

  • Capsule Course:Capsule Course (CC) itself defines as a short –term course is a new initiative of ICFM for those who are in complete dilemma whether trading and investing is made for them or not or for those who want to begin their career but find plenty of hurdles on the way to start. This short-term program moulds you & transforms you into ‘absolute stock market soul.’

    It gives you opportunities to introspect and give chance to your skill to decide whether stock market domain is yours or not.ICFM starts with very grass root level and makes you to feel affirm at the end.

  • Certified Financial Market Professional:Certified financial market professional (CFMP) is a comprehensive program for people who want to have a career in financial market but not having knowledge that where to start from or how to make an entry into financial market.

    In this program, ICFM equips you with solid working knowledge of all the major segments of financial market : Equity Market; Derivatives Market ; Currency Market & Commodity Market.

    You are trained in Trading & Operations in the four market segments. Trading Mechanism, Risk Management, Fundamental & Technical Analysis – all these constitute the major elements of the program. You are also prepared for the desirable certifications from NSE, BSE & MCX.

  • Certificate in Technical Analysis: Technical Analysis has always been an interesting way to read and understand the price patterns of a traded instrument. No matter you trade equities, commodities or currencies, Technical Analysis is always handy to precise your timing of buying and selling. With sound knowledge of Technical Analysis, you can considerably increase the accuracy and percentage of your profit making trades.
  • Certificate in Derivatives Market (Futures & Options)Futures & Options trading is by very nature very risky and equally profitable. Most people burn their fingers and lose money while experimenting with this trading. Certificate in Derivatives Market

    We start from scratch and help you understand margin based Futures Trading and premium based Options Trading. You understand the inherent risk, the safe strategies and calculated speculative strategies to benefit from F & O trading.

    The whole objective of the program is to deliver the practical knowledge of F & O Trading , after the program you are able to confidently trade in Equity Futures &Options, Nifty Futures & Options.

  • Certificate in Equity Trading:

    Equity Trading is the foundation of your trading knowledge. We start from scratch and acquaint you with the basics of Stock Market, as to How to Trade, How to pick the stocks for trading.
    You learn to operate the Trading Software, handling pay in and pay out of funds & Securities, risk management etc. You are able to interpret financial market news and relate it with your trading decisions. The whole objective of the course is to make you investment ready, to make you wise enough to take right decisions with respect to share market investment and related products available in the market.

    What is the Course Coverage in Equity Trading Certificate?

    • The Primary and the Secondary Market
      Primary Market is the market where Securities of the Company are issued; it is the first step where the securities of the Company are made available to investors.
      We have often come through the terms; IPO’s (Initial Public Offer), FPO’s (Follow on Public Offer), OFS (Offer for sale) what are these terms and how investors participate in primary market to get the most out it.
      Secondary market on the other hand is the market where securities are traded after they are initially issued in the Primary Market. Candidates are prepared on How to trade the securities in this market with proper trading setup.
    • Index: The key Indicators of Market
      NIFTY and SENSEX are the two market indicators which are considered as the barometer of the market. Candidates are equipped with the calculations and use of these indices in equity trading.
    • Market Participants and Market Intermediary
      There are various participants in the market; Retail investors, Foreign Portfolio investors, Domestic Institutional Investors etc. How they participate in the market and why it is important to know that what they are doing are some of the questions which are important to know to be a successful trader in equity market.
    • Clearing and settlement system
      In exchange based trading the clearing and settlement system plays a very important role. It is through this system only that market integrity remains intact. For a trader in equity it is of much importance to know the clearing and settlement system so that he/she can structure the trade in an efficient manner.
    • The block and bulk deals
      In equity market it is common to see the announcement regarding bulk deal, block deal. What are these deals and how they affect the trading setup of a trader in the market; we answer these questions in this program.
  • Certified Derivatives Trader Program:We understand that gaining knowledge on some subject is one thing and applying that knowledge in the practical aspect is different thing. Certified Derivatives Traders Program is designed to make you market ready, it is the only program where you will be trained during the complete market hours, and this gives you the edge to trade in Derivatives markets

    What is the broad Coverage in Certified Derivatives Trader Program ?
    In addition to the curriculum Covered in Certificate in Derivatives market the Certified Derivates Trader Program covers the following topics;

    • Pricing of options in different market situations
    • How to make decision regarding which type of option is best in different market situation
    • How to use bull spread and bear spread with maximum efficiency and perfect timing
    • Using Straddle and its pricing
    • Pricing and trading butterfly strategies: skip butterfly, butterfly spread, iron butterfly
    • Pricing and trading box strategy
    • Pricing and trading Condor Strategy
    • Pricing and trading Delta Heding
    • Bank nifty Arbitrage
    • Basket trading,
    • Using trading platforms; NEAT, NOW, ODIN, AlGO


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