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ICP Nurseries

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ICP Nurseries Limited is a nursery company that started in 2016 with the strategy of acquiring a collection of the very best nursery settings in Greater London, the Home Counties and the South East.

Our approach is child-centred – all children engage in meaningful play in an environment that has the best equipment and resources in the sector.

This means that all our children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally and gain the self-confidence required for later life.  

Whilst we look to retain the ethos and name of the business after acquisition i.e. what makes the Nursery so differentiated in the first instance, we are absolutely focused on improving the environment, the childcare practice and the staff team’s skills and knowledge.

The plan is to grow a group not a chain – retaining the individuality and uniqueness of each setting within their local community is very important to us.

Our Mission is to deliver exceptional education and outstanding childcare to our children and families, through our commitment to valuing and developing staff and providing engaging and inclusive environments for all. We will deliver this mission through Our Core Values – integrity, excellence, team work, dedication, and equality.

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