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Implandata Ophthalmic Products is an ophthalmic digital health company, transforming the management of glaucoma patients via its breakthrough EYEMATE system for remote disease company. The company has offices in Hannover/Germany and San Diego, CA/USA.

Implandata’s EYEMATE system for remote monitoring and management of glaucoma patients has obtained CE mark and is currently introduced into the European market. It has also obtained FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, ensuring an expedited US market authorization.

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The EYEMATE is a first-of-its-kind solution for remote monitoring and management of glaucoma patients.

Glaucoma is a chronic age related eye disease, where elevated eye pressure is causing progressive damage to the optic nerve, resulting in progressive irreversible loss of eyesight and eventually blindness, if the disease is not controlled. Despite a wealth of treatment options to lower eye pressure, a considerable number of patients is still loosing eyesight and thus quality of life. The reason is that management of glaucoma patients today is only eye center based with patients visiting their eye doctor only every few months, where also an in office measurement of the eye pressure is performed. As increased eye pressure is asymptomatic and since patients don’t have any means of disease self-monitoring in between office visits, disease status and therapy effectiveness is unknown in between office visits. Lack of disease self-monitoring also results in poor therapy adherence at many patients. This results in uncontrolled glaucoma in many patients, with the consequence of permanent loss of eyesight in many patients.

Implandata’s EYEMATE system allows remote disease monitoring and management and patient self-monitoring. Proprietary biosensors gather a patients eye pressure continuously under normal life conditions and thus disease status and therapy effectiveness information under normal life conditions 24/7/365. Obtained data is sent from the patients home into a web-based data base, where the patient data is collected, processed and analyzed and provided to the eye care specialists via an expert user software. With this the eye care specialist can remotely monitor patients and adjust and personalize treatment in a timely fashion in case of ineffective therapies. Patients are empowered by obtaining important disease information via the EYEMATE smartphone app, which helps them to better to adhere to therapy. More effective treatments provided by eye care specialists and disease self-monitoring results in better outcome, preservation of eye sight and thus quality of life.

Implandata’s customer are eye center and eye clinics, prescribing the EYEMATE to glaucoma patients they are managing. Remote patient monitoring services provided by eye care specialists are covered by existing CPT codes. Thus the company can make sustainable recurring revenues for the provision of digital health services.


Implandata Ophthalmic Products