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Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi A.S.)

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Established in 1950, TSKB provides support for sustainable economic development of Turkey. TSKB offers its clients a wide array of products and services in corporate banking, investment banking and advisory business lines.

TSKB operates in continuous cooperation with leading participants of the global markets and supranational financial institutions. TSKB provides long term funding for medium and large scale investment projects by creating corporate strategies focusing on Turkey’s economic potential. TSKB also provides private advisory services tailored for the client’s needs. Having integrated the economic, social and environmental dimensions of its globally accepted sustainability practices, TSKB supports the business world for the transition to a low carbon economy and more efficient production level.

TSKB conducts its business through its head office in Istanbul and branches in Ankara and İzmir.

Our Mission

Is to focus on creating value for the inclusive and sustainable development of our country through the financing and consultancy solutions powered by our experience in development and investment banking as well as the visionary approach and well-established international collaboration initiatives we maintain.

Our Vision

Is to be the business partner that stakeholders consult and prefer as the first choice towards the economic, environmental and social development of Turkey.

Our Values
Pioneering: We create long-term value for customers, society and the future of our country, using a visionary perspective and innovative services as leverage. We keep a close eye on international banking practices and lead our sector as a pioneer.

Human-Focused: With a human-oriented approach for a qualified economic growth we contribute to employment, equal opportunities and social development through inclusive banking solutions. We make business decisions together based on collective intelligence. We value team success over individual success. We work in harmony both within the Bank and with the organizations we cooperate. We never discriminate among our employees. We protect the rights of employees and ensure they always have equal opportunities. We contribute to employees’ professional and personal development and encourage them to take initiatives.

Solution-Oriented: We produce flexible, fast and efficient solutions in order to optimally meet our customers’ expectations and needs. We are utterly prudent about the quality of the work we do and resolute in fulfilling commitments. Knowing that we are the leaders in our job, we take responsibility and act timely and swiftly at each stage without need for any prior guidance.

Reliable and Respectful: We build trustful and respectful relations with all our stakeholders. We never compromise on a fair, accountable, transparent and ethical banking approach, and the contemporary rules of corporate governance. We create value for sustainable development through an environment-friendly banking aproach, and take responsibility to leave future generations a world to live in.


A solid capital structure and strong partners.
A reputation as an institution that is trusted by the international and supranational financial institutions that provide funding.
An ability to access low-cost, long-term funding and to put such funding to work.
Professional and experienced human resources who are equipped with international-class knowledge and experience.
An ability to reach an extensive customer base with low operational costs.
Reliable and advanced technological infrastructure.

Support sustainable development: TSKB’s corporate goal of supporting sustainable development is what enables it to contribute to the sustainable growth of the Turkish economy by further strengthening its own position and profitability in the project finance and investment banking business lines.

TSKB seeks to further expand its customer base with the addition of new firms and groups, to increase its own lending and its customers’ foreign trade volumes, to increase the volume of funds available for short- and medium-term lending, and to make rapid and efficient use of funding received from supranational financial institutions.

Thanks to the proactive business strategies introduced in recent years, TSKB is successfully achieving this goal.

By successfully integrating the sustainable banking concept criteria into all of its services, TSKB serves as a model for the entire Turkish banking industry. By supporting sustainable development, TSKB seeks to keep contributing to the country’s economic growth. In the years ahead, TSKB will continue to provide more resources to the national economy at an increasing rate, and to continuously support the Turkish private sector

Provide entrepreneurs with money- and capital market brokerage and advisory support: When entrepreneurs wish to tap capital markets, TSKB seeks to be an active player, to ensure the continuity of its investment advisory services, and to provide corporate customers and major private investors with superior-quality money- and capital market brokerage services.

TSKB makes it its business to provide its customers with the most attractive financing opportunities the market has to offer in order to create the resources that will contribute to the steady economic growth that Turkey needs. To this end, the bank maintains and strengthens the deep-rooted business relationships that it has with international financial institutions and banks.

In the investment banking business line, TSKB intends to continue being one of the most active and essential market players to be called upon in the conduct of all the major privatizations, public offerings, and M&A projects undertaken in Turkey in the years ahead.

Ensure sustainable profitability and growth: TSKB seeks to increase its return on equity and assets performance, to constantly improve its cost controls, to expand its own market value and its customer base, to safeguard the quality of its loan portfolio, and to effectively manage its liquidity and positions.

Strengthen the corporate structure: TSKB seeks to constantly create sustainable value for all of its stakeholders by carrying out full compliance with corporate governance principles as an ongoing and dynamic process and to remain a trailblazer in corporate governance practices.

Communicate effectively with stakeholders: TSKB seeks to continuously improve its perception among all of its stakeholders’ as a brand, to be a sectoral pioneer in dealing with sustainability and environmental issues, to provide all regulatory, supervisory, and auditing authorities with accurate, timely information, and to pursue growth by collaborating and creating synergies through its subsidiaries.

Products & Services

Corporate Banking
Through our corporate lending and project finance services we provide superior-quality financial support for sustainable investment projects in different sectors..
Ever since its inception, our bank has been engaging in business partnerships with supranational financial institutions, international development agencies, and banks and financial institutions all over the world through which we give investments undertaken by the Turkish business world access to qualified and themed global funding.

Investment Banking
Our world-class investment banking experience and effectiveness means we can provide our customers with investment banking products and services designed to meet their specific needs.
As Turkey’s first and largest investment bank, we played a pioneering role in the growth and development of this business line in the country long before the advent of either the Capital Markets Board of Borsa İstanbul (formerly the İstanbul Stock Exchange) by providing both investment advisory and brokerage services in all relevant product we do so today in line with our vision and mission.

While serving corporate investors of all sizes in various sectors, we also reach individual investors through our investment banking subsidiaries. We seek to be the ultimate business partner of domestic and international investors by providing world-class services that address our clients’ different strategic undertakings.

Complete and fully-integrated product line
Products specially designed to satisfy clients’ needs
Effective and superior-quality process management
Technical and sectoral knowledge and experience
Contribution of corporate prestige of companies
Support for compliance with international financial reporting standards
Proactive risk and portfolio investment management

TSKB Advisory Services
While TSKB supports Turkish private sector investments with its thematic loans and innovative financing products, we continue to create added value for the business world and all of the drivers of development with our sector specific advisory services which we have been offering for 35 years.
With our advisory teams consisting of financial advisors, engineers and economists, we guide the companies operating in the sectors driving the Turkish economy in its journey of transformation, development and sustainability.

We aim to be the most competent local business partner for foreign investors planning to invest in our country, offering global companies and funds advisory services which meet international standards.

Within the framework of our development mission, we take part in the projects that will create sustainable value for our country’s economy in cooperation with public institutions and international fund providers.

We set out to distinguish ourselves together with our customers and shape the future in the services that we provide with our expertise, broad product range and superior qualified advisors, which are strengthened by TSKB’s 70 years of know-how in development and investment banking.

In order to realize your dreams on solid foundations;

In line with our values, we strive to be the most reliable business partner in your company’s investments and projects. We help you transform your goals into effective strategies with the right information and analysis. With the visionary and objective perspective which we can bring to your projects, we ensure that you take the right steps. We create value with our capabilities of foresight as well as our solution competency, enabling you to take early measures by effectively analyzing the signals.
We offer a big impact on your projects with the expansive capacity of our teams of financial advisors, engineers and economists with their sectoral expertise. We increase your competitiveness by integrating the development economy, sustainability and inclusiveness models, which are our pillars of strength, into your business processes. We offer you the benefit of our 70 years of local knowledge of the country’s economy and potential with a service approach which meets global standards.

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Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi A.S.)

Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi A.S.)