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Interwaters is a worry-free service that provides packaging solution in multiple industries, including beverage, brewery, food, health care, home care, personal care, pet care, etc.

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About Us

Interwaters is a packaging solution provider. We manufacture diverse packaging materials, export worldwide, and provide warehouse service. Our DNA is meant to make packaging worry-free and we’ve been dedicated to what we do, since Day 1.
Industries such as the F&B sector, hospitality and retail sector, and manufacturing sector have greatly benefited from the large value we offered – which has been by providing quality, mass-manufactured factory priced products and exporting them so that our stakeholders can save time and money for what they want to do.
We believe in a high touch customer service and having a well-defined quality guarantee and you can be sure that you will be served well by our enthusiastic team!

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Why Choose Us

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    We are dedicated to creating a risk-free and detect-free procurement experiment with you. To do so, we show all the necessary certificates and technical quality assurance to set the standard of partnerships with us. If we somehow deviate from the expected standard and specifications that we’ve agreed to, we will be sure to respond in a satisfactory manner.
    Sample of desired product and factory audits can always be arranged when we’ve finished with the base discussions. Before the goods are sent, we can even send third-party inspection companies. We also have a ready after-sales technical team that is proficient in the packing and filling machines and offering their expertise in case of any problems arising when using our products!
    We stand with you in every situation, even when it comes to price. We love to see our customers staying competitive in their fields and striving with us in the global market.
    We are devoted to providing quality yet cost-competitive products in all categories to all continents of the world. Share your target price with us and, yes, we can offer you a competitive price.
    One of our strong differentiating factors is that we can produce goods at a very low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) due to our already large amount of orders.
    Struggling in the dilemma between factory price and large quantity of goods? Fear not, in Interwaters, no need to commit a large quantity of goods to enjoy the corresponding low price. Low MOQ is one of the strong suits of Interwaters. Therefore, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can largely benefit from this. Larger companies can also make good use of it when they try to launch a new product.
    We want to offer you a worry-free and flexible deal so that you can spend more time on your business and unlock the potentials. We can customize our payment term to your need; this is, however, after a series of successful business dealings.
    Your problem is our concern. Need more space for storage after purchasing a large amount of goods? Let us tackle the problem for you.
    We can arrange partial shipment and store the rest in our own factory’s warehouse. We also have outsourced warehousing space and transportation services in your country in order to deliver the manufactured batch to your place timely.
    Don’t hesitate to let us know your plan. Any special requirements or specifications for our products are welcomed to discuss. It is part of our mission to go the extra mile for our customers to fill the demand you require. Upload the technical drawing in the contact us page or simply contact us now.
    Every step you take matters. Interwaters takes every stage of our service seriously. We try harder and go further for our packaging solution. Besides offering quality yet competitive-price products, Interwaters has a very good contracted freight rate due to our high volume and regular shipments around the world. Based on the amount of goods and location of delivery, we would love to do our best to help you with transportation.
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