Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro

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Founded in 1961, Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation and the province’s major energy utility. From our head office in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, we:

– Serve 580,262 electric customers in Manitoba and 281,990 natural gas customers in southern Manitoba;
– Are one of the lowest-cost providers of electricity in Canada.

The governance of the Corporation is through the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board.

We will conduct Manitoba Hydro’s activities in a lawful, responsible and ethical manner, so that our reputation for honesty, integrity and the faithful performance of our obligations is maintained and enhanced.

Products & Services

As Manitoba’s major energy utility, we:

• generate and distribute electricity around the province;

• distribute natural gas in the province;

• export electricity within Canada and the mid-western United States;

• offer a wide range of energy services and programs.

We are recognized within the industry for our high levels of customer service and reliability. We are a leader in energy efficiency, aggressively promoting energy conservation through our Power Smart* programs. We are well-known for our prudent environmental practices, our strong relationships with Indigenous peoples, and our outstanding community support.

Our employees make all these things possible.

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