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Our founder’s story

Changing women’s and family healthcare from within

In 2014, I started Maven with a big mission. As my friends began having kids, I found it alarming how difficult and confusing it was to get basic support for one of life’s biggest and most profound events.

I heard over and over—and I eventually experienced myself—the gaps in care that women and couples face, particularly around fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. I also saw that in order to provide high quality care, we would need highly-skilled providers who could meet patients where they are, on their terms: to listen to the needs of working families, and to give women’s and family health a more central voice in the healthcare system.

So I set out to build a company addressing these gaps, to support women and new parents when they need it most. As we continue to grow and reinvent women’s and family care, our core tenet continues to be putting patients, and the patient experience, at the center—where they belong.

Products & Services

Maven is the leading women’s and family healthcare company, providing end-to-end coverage for all paths to parenthood.

We partner with employers and health plans to fill critical gaps in access and care with our digital, clinical, and human approach–and ultimately improve maternal outcomes, lower costs, and attract and retain more parents in the workforce.

Named as one of Fast Company’s “10 Most Innovative Healthcare Companies in 2018,” Maven provides on-demand, unlimited access to providers across 20+ specialties in women’s and family health in our digital clinic.

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