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Monika Swiatek - Makeup Artist

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I, Monika Swiatek, am a professional and qualified makeup artist, while an SFX designer, hair stylist and prosthetics maker on the other hand. I have my unique style- fresh, inventive, and clean. For my makeup and SFX in the film industry, I have got almost fifty credits on IMDB. I worked even as a head makeup designer on many Netflix movies and promotional campaigns.

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If you are looking forward to creating imaginary characters in your next TV show or planning an action movie, the magic of SFX and prosthetics is necessary here! And I, Monika Swiatek, am a qualified and professional SFX designer and prosthetics maker, while makeup artist and hair stylist on the other hand. My inventive and fresh style may bring your creation to life. Even I have experience in running a school for beauty makeup and providing a bilingual SFX makeup course at Esher College and private workshops. Also, I opened an art working centre before! In fact, I have almost 50 credits on IMDB for my SFX and makeup in the film industry.

Monika Swiatek – Makeup Artist