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Motion Stamp was founded by Jo in 2019 who has a background in feature film animation and a love for visual storytelling. The business was a number of years in the making and was built in spare time between work, family, and life. Jo is passionate about building the best Evite Wedding Invitations experience.

With Digital Video Invitations that are engaging, well crafted, and convenient. To allow people to feel excited, in anticipation for their own, or a loved one, special occasion. After all, special occasions are about bringing us all together and connecting. Jo’s vision is to have unique animated invitations that have real meaning and personality and to be a part of people’s steps in connecting with loved ones.

Our Services are:-

  1. Save The Date Invitations
  2. Wedding Invitations
  3. Birthday Invitations.

Invitations can be whatever you want them to be! Fun or Formal, Carefree or Traditional. My sister wished for a Butterfly themed Wedding, so I was inspired by her to create.

Visit our website to learn more.

Business Hours:- 9 am – 3 pm Weekdays.


Motion Stamp