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Pandox owns and leases out hotel properties to leading hotel operators. Pandox owns a total of 156 hotels with a combined 35,000 rooms in 15 countries. Pandox has an integrated business model and is active throughout the value chain with the goal of offering the most attractive platform for hotel operations.

Pandox’s business concept

Pandox’s business concept, which is based on expertise within hotel properties, hotel operations and business development, is to actively own, develop and lease hotel properties.

Pan-European position

Pandox owns properties that hotel operators lease to operate hotels in. Pandox is fully specialised in hotel properties and has a strong pan-European position with 156 hotel properties in 90 cities in 15 countries, including some in the world’s largest hotel markets such as Germany and the UK.

High-quality portfolio

Pandox’s portfolio mainly contains large hotel properties with full-service hotels of high quality with strong locations in their submarkets. The majority of the hotels are in the mid-range, upper-mid range and premium segments with demand from many different types of guests.

World class network

Pandox’s property portfolio has a good mix of geographical markets, hotel operators, hotel brands and types of demand, which creates stability over the hotel business cycle. Pandox also has a world-class network and strong relationships with leading hotel operators and brands, which opens up many new business opportunities.

Expertise and active ownership

Pandox is an active owner with in-depth hotel knowledge and experience of all operating models that exist in the hotel market. The core model is revenue-based leases where a certain percentage of a hotel’s revenue becomes rental income for Pandox. Pandox may also operate hotels itself in properties owned by the Company. This provides more freedom and reduces risk.

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