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Planet Camping are the UK’s leading supplier of outdoor camping gear, equipment and outdoor devices. We are devoted to providing you a satisfying and reputable shopping experience so that you can go back to us and inform your friends about us.

Whether it is a sleeping bag suit, fast pitch camping tent, inflatable mattress, hammock or outdoor furniture, we have actually got you covered. Our list of camping things is nearly limitless, since we desire you to be totally prepared for your next outdoor adventure.

If you’re uncertain about exactly what you need, you can even take a look at our Definite Outdoor Camping List here:

If you have questions about camping equipment or if you require help relating to an order placed online, please call us on 01962 733384 or send us an e-mail at or (for orders).

Offer Planet Camping a try and let us make your organisation!

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offer caping gear and equipment,
offer honest and neutral reviews and buying guides,
price comparisons, reviews and product recommendation,
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inform our readers of great campsites and other locations,
regular updates about camping industry

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