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Enabling a Brighter Energy Future

Transforming abundant renewable energy into hydrogen and back to power

Power to Hydrogen is developing Clean Energy Bridge, an advanced reversible fuel cell technology, to cost effectively and efficiently convert electricity and water into high purity hydrogen and oxygen, and when needed back to power. This allows for the production of low-cost green hydrogen from increasingly abundant renewable energy, such as wind power at night. The hydrogen and oxygen can then be recombined to generate power at peak times, offsetting the need for fossil fuel ‘peaker’ plants. Further, because of the low cost of gas storage, units can be used for long-duration storage and backup power.

Well positioned to bring this solution to market

We are chemical engineers, material scientists, and business professionals, pooling talents to bring our unique reversible fuel cell technology out of the lab and into commercial use. The Power to Hydrogen team is led by CTO Dr. Paul Matter, COO Christopher Holt, and CEO Tad Dritz, PE. Paul and Chris have over 30 years of combined experience developing advanced fuel cells and energy storage solutions. Tad is a startup veteran with wide ranging experience commercializing cleantech concepts. We partner with government and industry leaders to develop and implement our technology at scale.

Products & Services

Where hydrogen is needed – and energy storage is valued

Clean Energy Bridge serves multiple markets, improving the reliability of microgrids, producing low cost green hydrogen where it is needed most, and enhancing economics of utility-scale renewable energy. A valuable and growing application is at distribution centers that use hydrogen lift trucks, require backup generators and benefit from peak shaving. In this scenario Clean Energy Bridge offers 2X return on assets (ROA) compared to existing solutions.

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