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Quartix Finance

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Company Information

Quartix helps mid-sized US companies to gain access to digital, affordable working capital solutions, by leveraging existing trade-related data hidden in their supply chains, and tapping into efficient institutional capital.

Using a simple ERP plug-in, to support quick implementation and seamless operation.

Quartix is backed by prominent investors, and is a graduate of the prestigious Queen City Fintech Accelerator, a Fintech accelerator backed by Bank of America, Wells-Fargo and more.

The company is located in Charlotte NC.

Products & Services

Quartix provides a ‘Supply Chain Finance’ (SCF, aka ‘Reverse Factoring’) to US companies (‘buyers’), and their vendors.

Vendors gain optional early payments offers for invoices the buyer has approved. Unlike with existing vendor-finance solution, with Quartix, the buyer never pay a day too early itself (Quartix does that), and do not carry any service costs.

Buyer gains 1) rebates income, and 2) a stronger bargaining power, enabling you to negotiate better (longer) payment terms with vendors.

Quartix enables the buyers to boost working capital (at no cost), reducing its dependency on costly WC solutions like receivables factoring, ABL etc.

Quartix can complement any existing cash discount / p-card arrangements you may already have, addressing the long tail of vendors that do not accept these inflexible, costly programs.

Contact Information

Quartix Finance

222 South Church Street, 28202 United States

Quartix Finance