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The UK’s number one property website for all your home moving needs: Find your happy at Rightmove!

We are the UK’s number one property website and exist purely to help homehunters throughout the UK find their dream property at the click of a mouse.

We say ‘number one’ because for over 16 years now, we have maintained our market position as #1 based on the number of visits we get to the website, meaning that if you are an estate agent, you need to make sure your properties are on Rightmove to ensure they get seen by buyers.

Throughout this time, we have continued to innovate the Rightmove website, adding new and exciting functionalities continuously off the back of feedback we get from Rightmove users.

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Rightmove is the UK’s number one property portal and the UK’s largest property marketplace. We bring the UK’s largest and most engaged property audience and the largest inventory of properties together in one place. We benefit from strong network effects as our property audience and the properties our customers advertise create a ‘virtuous circle’ enhancing the Rightmove value proposition.

The Rightmove network effect:

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