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When two of our founders were building the TUMI brand, they were propelled by a desire to create the best luggage in the world. That quest for the extraordinary has always been what drives us.

We looked around and saw a sea of identical black luggage didn’t feel that exciting. We realized it didn’t feel like us. We found ourselves wanting to express our individuality in everything we do: what we wear, where we work, how we travel.

So, we created ROAM Luggage, the first brand that allows you to fully customize your suitcase to match your personality. By giving you the tools to design a piece the way you want it, then fulfilling that design with the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship, we become collaborators bringing your vision of the ultimate travel experience to reality.

Neither our commitment to world-class materials, nor our insistence on sweating the details that separate the phenomenal from the quotidian, nor our arsenal of luggage expertise that encompasses decades and spans continents.

Here’s what did change: Our materials are stronger and lighter. We shrugged off the limitations of the typical what-you-see-is-what-you-get suitcase and created luggage that is only limited by what you can create.

You’ll see it right away in the millions of possible color combinations you can choose from for your own unique case. You’ll feel it, too, in the ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet glide of top-grade wheels and the precision of the four-height telescoping handle engineered to minimize side-to-side wiggle. The difference is that we understand how details like these make traveling feel luxurious.

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Roam Luggage is the first premium fully-customizable, direct-to-consumer luggage brand. Boasting a founding team with over 100 years of combined luggage experience, ROAM is on a mission to set a new standard by offering world class luggage at affordable price points. Each piece is made to order and built by hand in the USA, expertly fusing superior functionality and performance with personalized design.

ROAM Luggage invites you to design your case, and we’ll assemble it by hand in our U.S. factory and ship it to you in as little as one business day. Nobody could do that before. But we can now.

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