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Scaler Academy

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Previously known as InterviewBit Academy, Scaler is a 6-month online career accelerator to help people to take their careers to the next level without any educational, geographical, or financial constraints. Our students don’t have to pay anything until they get a well-paid job at the top companies.

– 18-35 LPA, salary range of Scaler alumni
– 300% average jump in alumni salaries
– 300+ teaching faculties and support staff

Hiring Partners
Scaler students have been hired at Amazon, Flipkart, Traveloka, Razorpay, MindTickle, and many more companies.

Industry vetted curriculum
We have reverse engineered Scaler’s curriculum by talking to the top product companies and understanding what skills the industry needs the most right now.

Get personalised guidance from the best in the business
Scaler Academy is more than a program – Scaler is a community of dedicated instructors, teaching assistants, industry mentors, career coaches, and the students themselves.

Program Details 
Our approach focuses on a simple but rigorous learning program: – Live and interactive classes – Practice sessions with teaching assistants and fellow students – 1:1 mentorship with industry experts

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Scaler Academy