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Justin Burns founded Shellcove Landscaping & Maintenance as a lone proprietor in 1996, mowing lawns around Illawarra. It is a seasoned landscape maintenance and garden makeover in Wollongong & NSW South Coast.  

With the company’s continued growth, Adam Deaves was brought in as a partner to assist with day-to-day operations. The firm had expanded to employ multiple casual and full-time employees after a few years of hard work and various contracts. We have now employed 15 people, including qualified landscapers and horticulturists. 

Shellcove Landscaping & Maintenance is a seasoned landscape maintenance and garden makeover company serving the NSW South Coast and Wollongong. We do the ACT, South Coast, Sydney, and Illawarra. We are a strong team that is continually striving to deliver the finest service possible to our consumers. 

Shellcove’s goal with our wide and professional landscaping staff is to make the process of garden design to installation as easy as possible for our clients. Every project, customer request, and site location, we feel, is a wonderful chance to develop a unique and fascinating project. We think that the landscaping, paving, and lawn maintenance of your garden should be a haven of calm away from the stresses of everyday life. 

It’s all about partnerships for us, and many of our clients have utilised our services several times. We can manage your garden from design to completion and beyond, regardless of the project’s complexity. Providing the best gardening services is our goal.  

There are few chores more enticing to many individuals than maintaining and renovating outdoor areas. We are pretty lucky in that it is something we are extremely enthusiastic about. Our excitement is reflected in the outcomes we create for our customers and the positive comments we receive. Not only do we undertake private lawn maintenance projects but also commercial landscaping in Wollongong. 

Today, landscaping is a representation of who we are and how we live. Shellcove Landscaping’s team offers consulting, design, implementation, and beautification to assist make Brisbane landscapes more practical and easy to use, whether it’s a courtyard or a couple of acres, a suburban luxury retreat or an entertainment area. 

We’ve been in the garden makeover industry for several years, and you can be certain that the results you see are nothing short of amazing. We can assist you with any sort of project relating to an outdoor space, whether it’s drawing up a garden plan or another service. 

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