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Lepulse is a high-tech company established in 2013 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Viatom. Viatom is a company that innovates and manufactures home/wearable medical devices, as well as develops telehealth and mobile medical solutions.

Lepulse is dedicated to creating products for refined individuals, offering a wide range of impressive products designed for ultimate enjoyment and satisfaction. Currently, our main product line is smart body fat scales. These scales range from four-electrode scales to eight-electrode scales, providing customers with many choices. All the scales are equipped with advanced BIA and ITO-coating technology, allowing for complete and accurate body measurements. In addition, they come with a free app connection and high-quality design.

At Lepulse, we are committed to providing innovative and high-quality products to our customers. Our focus on technology and design has allowed us to become a leading provider of smart body fat scales.


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