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Our football classes for toddlers Glasgow are known as ‘Twinkle Stars’, for 18 months to 3 years, ‘Bright Stars’ for 3-5 years, ‘Shooting Stars’, for 5-6 years as well as ‘SuperStars’, for 7-9 yrs.


The Twinkle Stars courses are the very first in our development path. These classes are enjoyable and interactive for both parents as well as children and are designed to help kids establish social and motor skills as well as help them move onto more active independent interaction.


Our Bright Stars courses are designed with the viewpoint of being FUN. In these classes, our aim is to establish fundamental football abilities. However, we likewise aim to develop confidence and cognitive skills such as attention as well as memory. This is attained by using a range of interesting football associated games and also tasks. Each week we also have a theme to establish kids’ imagination.


The Shooting Stars classes are designed with skill in mind, we aim to progress football skills such as shooting technique, dribbling, ball control, passing as well as tackling. We likewise introduce kids to our ‘Skills to beat players model’. However, ensuring kids have a good time is vital to establish these abilities.


The SuperStars courses are designed to further develop the abilities learned formerly. Kids are likewise introduced to extra complex abilities to beat players. In addition, within these classes we establish kids game recognition. This includes understanding of positions as well as spatial reaction


These football classes for toddlers Glasgow are steps 2 & 3 on the path of establishing your child’s football skills. The focus is on mentor progressed football techniques as well as sets them up flawlessly for our invite only ‘Soccer Stars Academy’ courses which have actually been established in partnership with academy trainers throughout the UK.


Ideally at this stage, your child will be ready for one of the many Football Classes for Toddlers, Glasgow.

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