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Nature is pretty perfect.

We’re Solgar. For over 70 years we’ve believed that substance matters…. who you are… what you do… what you say… and how you act as a company.

In 1947, we saw the world changing… and not in a way we liked. Real food became processed and frozen. White bread replaced local baked whole grain bread. Food science replaced real food. Convenience replaced nutrition.

We believed there was a better way. And, with the right nutrition…we could live well and feel good throughout our lives. Because being well is what life is really about.

So, we brought like-minded people together and old-world attention to detail with innovative thinking… to create the first generation of nutritional supplements.

In fact, we practically invented them. And have continued to innovate from that first day…to today.

This has never been a business to us, although like all things it has become one. We love what we do because we believe in what we do. To help you be the very best version of you throughout your life. Call it our passion. Call it our craft. Something we’ve been doing for over 70 years now. We live this lifestyle. We take our own supplements.

We figured, if we wouldn’t put this in our body, why would somebody else? Which is why we’re so particular on making sure our supplements are as close to perfect as they can be.

For Solgar, it all starts with the highest quality raw ingredients.

We’ve scoured the world for the best sources often from best growers who have been farming in their families for generations. People who, like us, have a passion for what they do and know what they’re doing.

We craft in small batches, which takes more time, but it ensures the greatest freshness. And we believe in clean. We avoid artificial ingredients or unnecessary, fillers, binders or colorings. We use filtered water so pure, it’s purer than the bottled water you can buy. We even filter the air in our facility to remove 99.9% of airborne particulates. Most of our products are gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified. And we’ve been non-GMO before most people knew what GMO was.

You see, every single thing we do, every decision we make is based on what we believe are the right ingredients of wellness. What you want. What we want.

And ultimately, while nature and the human body are complex, our philosophy isn’t.

Doing the right things for the right reasons matters.

Because substance matters.

Products & Services

Focusing on wellness never gets old.

Neither does feeling good throughout your life. We believed that in 1947. We still believe that today. That’s why when it says Solgar on the label, you can be sure there is purity, potency and efficacy from bottle to bottle. Look for the complete line of Solgar Nutritional Supplements at fine natural and health food retailers.

At Solgar we focus on wellness. Period. That’s why it’s our mission to create only the finest nutritional supplements.
• Our research-based formulas only contain the best raw materials.
• We strive to make as many products as possible natural, vegetarian, plus dairy and gluten free.
• We craft our vitamins and minerals in small batches to help ensure consistency and purity.

We know that nutrition isn’t one size fits all.
That’s why our line includes vegetarian, vegan, organic, kosher, and Halal options in a variety of dosages and forms.

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